Tactics To Help You Sell Your Used Equipment

If you need to pull out tree stumps, or move massive amounts of dirt, heavy construction equipment can make the job a lot easier. Learn what to rent.

Tactics To Help You Sell Your Used Equipment

Tactics To Help You Sell Your Used Equipment

31 March 2022
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Switching career fields or investing in new equipment may leave you with a lot of excess mechanical and manual machinery that you no longer have a need for. While these items may not be of any value to you, they may be highly sought-after by a used equipment buyer.

Locate A Buyer For Your Equipment

An equipment buyer can be an individual who works for themselves or a business owner who will either be using secondhand equipment at their place of business or reselling used equipment for profit. A buyer may have a specific equipment type that they are in need of and may advertise that they are seeking various tools, machines, and other essentials. First, look through the tools and machines that you own. Separate your equipment based on its type.

To get the most money for your possession, create a listing that highlights what each item can be used for. Avoid glossing over applications that you don't think are too important. For instance, you may own a heavy-duty machine that is intended for grading land but has a tow bar on the back of it that can be used for transporting materials.

Creating a sales listing that fails to mention the diversity of the equipment could ultimately lead to you not making a sale with someone who could truly benefit by owning a multi-functional piece of equipment like the one you own. There may be many job industries that a particular piece of machinery is suited for. This will require you to reach out to several buyer types, who are each in search of commercial equipment.

Prepare The Sales Pitch

Once you have found someone who wants to take a closer look at your equipment, you will need to showcase the items. Photographs should be taken of the equipment and you should prepare to clean and polish metal and other external components that comprise the machinery or tools. Prepare a sales pitch. This can involve inviting an equipment buyer to your place of business and showing them how a particular item operates.

If you have used a piece of equipment on your job site for many years, you can plan on executing a demonstration that shows a potential equipment buyer how useful the machinery is. Your demonstration should be conducted after hours, to avoid any disruptions. Decide what form of payment you would like for each piece of equipment that you are selling. Relay this information to the potential buyer.

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