A Guide To Reducing the Risk of Dump Truck Tipping

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A Guide To Reducing the Risk of Dump Truck Tipping

A Guide To Reducing the Risk of Dump Truck Tipping

3 August 2015
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Dump trumps have gotten longer and the risk of dump trucks tipping over has become a more common problem. The dump truck is at a risk of a tip-over when the center of gravity is not between the frame rails of the truck. When the dump truck tips over, the operators might become injured, nearby workers may become injured and the truck will likely be damaged. As a result, whoever designs the work site and the dump truck operator must take steps to minimize this risk.

Operate On a Level Surface

To reduce the risk of the dump truck tipping over, it should always be on a level surface when it is tipping. While the dump truck may be able to travel on uneven slopes to some extent, it should be parked on level ground before dumping.

The area where the dump truck will be operating needs to be cleared of all debris so that nothing will tip it over. The dump trucks should not be operated in fill areas or on rough terrain where the ground can be very uneven. There are other trucks better-suited for these conditions, such as pup trailers.

Distribute the Materials Evenly in the Bed of the Truck

The material should be evenly distributed throughout the dump truck rather than being primarily centered on one side or another. The wheels need to not settle unevenly when the material moves to the rear. Depending on the weather, the materials can freeze to the side of the truck, causing the weight to become unevenly distributed. This is best prevented by using exhaust to thaw the materials.

Avoid Operating the Truck on Windy Days

Wind can sometimes exert enough force on the dump truck that it could cause it to tip over. For this reason, it is sometimes better to use a dump truck on non-windy days.

Take Care of the Truck

The condition of the dump truck can affect the likelihood that it will tip over. If the wheels are worn down unevenly or if there is more tire pressure in some tires than in others, the dump truck will be more likely to tip over. Additionally, worn down lifting cylinders, components of lifting systems and the condition of the rear suspension system affects the stability of the truck.

To further increase the safety of operators, those using dump trucks should use remote controls. If it is not possible to use a remote control, the operator should be assisted by a trained observer outside the dump truck who will identify hazards when they emerge and notify the operator. For more information, contact companies like Skippers Trucking.

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